Friday, March 16, 2012

A little introduction

Let me start this off by saying I am not really into reading peoples blogs. I follow a few from various welders and fabricators because they will regularly post pics of cool shit they are working on. These are men who are blazing the trail of originality in their respective fields, people that I admire for the quality of work they produce and the standard of perfection they aspire to. Too often do I see the "today I rode my fixie down to starsucks and had a venti decaf mocha espresso colonic whilst comparing my toms with all the other hipster faggots" bullshit. This pretty much started out as me posting tons of pics of motorcycles and shit that goes fast on facebook with a little bit of commentary. The nature of the picture posting system means that most of the coolest stuff I posted wasnt really being seen, so here I am. I generally hate the idea of a blog, but I will be able to vent out all the cool stuff I have seen as well as maybe open some eyes to the whole other world of neat mechanical stuff that is out there. I may go off on rants from time to time but generally I will stay on topic. I am not a writer and my grammar and punctuation are barely passable, so grammar nazis check your iron crosses at the door.

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