Sunday, March 25, 2012

Garths Dream

Garth Kopke's GK1 is a highly modified version of a popular composite kit aircraft, The KR1. Kopke took what was already a very sleek, streamlined design, and made it even more so.  The GK1 used a different canopy and cowl design, as well as a p-51 style belly scoop for cooling purposes. Garth's design differed greatly from other KR1 homebuilts was the use of an automotive water cooled inline 4 engine from a Honda civic. The KR1 was designed to fly with an 80hp air cooled VW boxer style motor. The inline 4 used by Garth produced nearly 50 HP more that the VW at 130hp. The use of the honda motor combined with the aerodynamic improvements made by Kopke, the GK! was able to cruise at 240mph at 75% throttle, thats 60mph faster than a standard build KR1 at MAX SPEED. Unfortunately Garth was killed whilst flying fire fighting missions in australia. The GK1 now belongs to a fellow in New Zealand who has graciously sent me tons of scans of Garth's drawing and schematics. I am basing my own build off of his designs.

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