Saturday, March 17, 2012


This is the motorcycle that Rollie Free took to a world record on the Bonneville salt flats. It could either be a black lightning or black shadow. Regardless of what actual model it is, it was a custom order from the factory and is rumored to be 100lbs lighter and 45hp more powerful that the stock model. On previous runs, the protective leathers that Rollie wore had torn due to wind resistance and could not be worn. Instead of packing it in and going home, Free stripped down to a speedo and some borrowed tennis shoes and made the run. Rollie could be seen speeding across the flats in his unusual stretched out prone position wearing little more than his birthday suit. This run resulted in not only a world record, but one of the most famous pictures ever taken. Not only does that run represent a milestone for american motorcyclists, it also represents the spirit of motorcycling at its core. Most people jump on a motorcycle to experience the danger and adrenaline that comes with careening down highways filled with steel vehicles piloted by oblivious soccer moms and octogenarians...

Imagine doing it naked!

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