Monday, April 30, 2012

Chasing Demons

What drives a man to straddle a motorcycle, strap into a race car, or airplane, and hurdle himself accross a long dry lake in persuit of little more than bragging rights? Im not talking about people like Breedlove who have all the financial backing and sponsorship you could ever want going for the all out. Im talking about the guy in his garage who takes whatever he can scrounge up and gets the notion in his head that it can be made to go fast. If you go to bonneville, or mojave, or beeville, you will see men with everything from scooters all the way up to twin jet propelled monsters lined up for a chance to let it all hang out in an attempt see what their machine is capable of, to push their own limits and see where the edge of that envelope is. This white knuckle persuit of speed in its purest form seems pointless to most, testing both ones mechanical skill and ability to pilot ones own creation, has merit.

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